Clark Gracie Academy – Australia

Head Instructor – Grant Ratcliffe
11/23 Enterprise avenue
Tweed heads, New South Wales

Grant Ratcliffe has been studying Jiu Jitsu for 16 years starting his journey in the gentle art back when there was very little around in Australia and most of the classes were taught by either white or blue belts. In 2001 Grant commenced regular training under Marcelo Rezende of Gracie Barra Sydney every time he visited town.. As there was no senior BJJ teachers in Queensland at this time, it was only possible to get quality/professional instruction by travelling to either Sydney or Melbourne, where all the black belts were located at that time. Throughout the years Grant has travelled and trained with many members of the Gracie family and leading jiu jitsu practitioners, which has given him a unique and open minded approach to his training and teaching. Grant has been teaching BJJ at his academy, TCMA in Southern Gold Coast since he was a white belt back in 2001. Grant has continued to advance his jiu jitsu throughout the years with some truly gifted teachers via regular private tuitions, attending seminars, participating in camps and teaching on the mats at his own school every day. It was through good fortune that Grant got to meet and train with Prof Clark Gracie at a seminar while he was visiting Australia, that has led to an association between the two. After travelling to the California earlier this year with his son Jai Jai to train exclusively with prof Clark Gracie and his amazing team in San Diego, a closer friendship formed leading to TCMA becoming the first official Clark Gracie Jiu Jitsu school in Australia. With our direct link to the prof Clark and the unique CGJJ curriculum and structure our school now offers authentic Gracie Jiu Jitsu right here on the Tweed and Gold Coast for everyone to enjoy.