Clark Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Norway

BJJ Head Instructor – Daniel Snekvik
Ringeriksveien 243
1340 Skui, Bærum

Twitter: @cgjiujitsuno
Instagram: @cgjiujitsuno

Daniel was introduced to martial arts when he started training Muay Thai Boxing in 2008, but only
after discovering BJJ in 2009 did he become truly devoted to martial arts and self defense. He
started teaching BJJ in Norway as a blue belt in 2011. In 2012 he quit his day job and traveled the
world for 9 months to focus on martial arts, enjoying training camps in countries such as China,
Thailand, Phillippines, Brazil (Carlson Gracie Jr) and USA (Clark Gracie Jiu Jitsu). Clark and Daniel became friends and later did some traveling and training together in Australia and Sweden.

In pursuit of further martial arts adventures he later moved to China where he ended up
staying for 14 months before later moving back to Norway and fulfilling a dream of opening up his
own martial arts centre. He teamed up with partner Knut Roska with a background in Kyokushin
Karate and together they opened up Bærum Mixed Martial Arts (Bærum MMA) in 2015.
In 2018 Daniel teamed up with fellow Clark Gracie competitor Stian Bergseth and created Clark Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Norway.

Stian trained Tae Kwon Doe and Shotokan regularly in his early youth and has been fascinated with martial arts his whole life. When he watched the Ultimate Fighting Championships 1 his fascination became greater and it later turned into a hobby. He started writing articles for MMA-websites and traveled to experience several different UFC events in Europe. He finally decided to start training BJJ with Kamphuset (Marcelo Yogui) in 2013, where Knut Roska was a MMA Coach. Stian met Daniel when him and Knut opened Bærum Mixed Martial Arts in 2015 and he has trained regularly with the team since. Stian became the first norwegian Clark Gracie bluebelt in 2016 after Clark visited the team in Norway for a Seminar, and he later has helped Bærum MMA with social media, branding and some digital marketing. Daniel and Stian decided to team up summer 2018 to focus more on the art of BJJ and to expand the Norwegian BJJ Team as much as possible.

Daniel visited the CGJJ Team in San Diego back in 2010 and has returned regularly ever since. Stian visited the HQ-team in San Diego in 2018 and hopes to visit the team once a year. The Gracie approach to BJJ really resonated with both Daniel and Stian, an approach that includes the promotion of good physical and mental health as well as a good and gentle attitude towards life in general. They both appreciate Clark’s teaching style and martial arts philosophy, and wish to promote this further through their team members and atmosphere.