Alan Ortanez

I was born and raised in California. Surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding are the sports I grew up doing. The 70’s was the rise of Bruce Lee and “everyone was kung fu fighting”. Being a small surf-rat-punk kid, listening to the “Ramones”  while watching Chinese kung fu movies all day, I was always getting into fights with the bigger bullies in the neighborhood. My family moved to North Chicago where I was soon to be humbled by the violent gangs and mayhem that surrounded me. After three years of fending for my life in the worst streets of Chicago we moved back to San Diego. I wrestled in high school, studied Aikido, Goshin Jitsu (Japanese Karate), Muay Thai, and now am very passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I was initiated as a Reiki Level III Master in 1996 and have always believed in… before knowing how to defeat your opponent by force, you must first learn how to heal them as well. I have also studied Kundalini, Bikram and Ashtanga yoga. I am a firm believer in holistic living and happiness is my priority. My approach to teaching kids is to know that each child is unique, with different needs and they have their own personalities. I look for strengths in their character and reinforce them through positive discipline. My goal in teaching BJJ to kids, is to harness their individuality and incite their passion to become a better jiu-jitsu practitioner on their own free will thus creating a better quality of life as they grow. Wanting to learn higher percentage techniques, asking questions about details, practicing on their own and ultimately wanting to compete and test themselves. This gives them discipline and responsibility. At the end of each kids class I strive to make it a goal… that every kid should walk away with a smile on their face and have a super fun time! Because of my childhood experiences I have a good understanding of what kids go through who get bullied in school. For young kids, Jiu-Jitsu builds confidence, respect, and the courage to defend oneself.


Competition results


2nd Place IBJJF Las Vegas Spring International Open – Absolute
2nd Place IBJJF Las Vegas Spring International Open


1st Place IBJJF NoGi World Championships – World Champion
2nd Place IBJJF Nationals


3rd Place iGrap Championships