Brandon Magana

Brandon is a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner. Brandon started wrestling in Jr high and wrestled through high school. He grew up very competitive and enjoyed fighting and contact sports. Brandon enlisted in the Marine Corps and did 8 years active service as a Reconnaissance Marine stationed with 1st Recon Co/Bn and 1st Force Recon Co. He began training full time in 2004 with Charlie Kohler at the San Diego Fight Club, and had his first fight about a year later. He knew he would have to continue the combat sports to make up for the loss of combat adrenaline. Brandon has been very active in grappling and BJJ tournaments, placing in major events with NAGA, Grapplers Quest, and IBJJF. He has a 6-2 pro mma record with fights in events such as Total Combat, King of the Cage, M1, and Strikeforce. In 2009, Brandon began focusing more on BJJ, and started training and competing with Rodrigo Medeiros, Clark Gracie, and the BJJ Revolution Team in Pacific Beach. He was awarded his Black Belt in 2013 under the guidance of Rodrigo Medeiros, Clark Gracie, and Charlie Kohler.

He currently teaches and trains BJJ with Clark Gracie at the Clark Gracie Academy headquarters in Old Town San Diego.  Brandon also works as a civilian contractor for the US Navy, teaching defensive tactics and combat skills to specialized units. He has logged thousands of instructor hours, and is happy to support the mission of our troops and country by teaching them the fighting arts to increase their combat skill-set.

For the Future he would like to stay healthy and compete as much as he can in jiu jitsu and MMA. He strives to become technically proficient in the individual disciplines of the martial arts in both the psychological and the psychical aspects, then be able to combine them all together in a seamless transition, to become a well-rounded martial artist.

Brandon’s recent competition records include:

  • MMA
  • Has fought for Strikeforce
  • Has fought for M-1 Global
  • Has fought for King of the Cage
  • Has fought for Raze MMA
  • Has fought for Total Combat
  • 2012
  • Brown Belt Masters Middle Weight Champion
  • 3rd place Absolute, Nogi Worlds
  • Jiu Jitsu Masters World Champion
  • 1st Place Abu Dhabi Pro Trials, Brown Belt Masters 2012
  • 2011
  • Nogi Worlds Brown Belt Masters Division and Absolute champion
  • 3rd place Las Vegas International
  • 1st place Grapplers Quest West Coast Brown Belt
  • 2nd place Samurai Pro Brown Belt
  • 1st place Best of the West Nogi- advanced masters
  • 2nd place absolute Chicago Open Brown Belt
  • 2009
  • 1st Grapplers Quest Purple belt
  • 2007
  • 1st Grapplers Quest- Blue bel