Clark Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy – La Jolla, San Diego, CA USA

Head Instructor: Rafael Dallinha
908 Pearl St
La Jolla, CA
Phone: (619) 252-5678


Rafinha was born on 1982 in Florianopolis, Brazil.  His first approach to martial arts came to him when he was 9 years of age, in the form of Judo, a sport which he practiced until becoming completely focused on Jiu Jitsu.

Jiu Jitsu became a big part of his life when he was 16. Many of his friends trained Jiu Jitsu in an academy nearby his house, and Rafael would always pass by to see them. After a while he started taking regular classes and hasn’t stopped since.

His training started with Master Murilo Rupp. He stayed with Mr Rupp until he got his Purple Belt. Dallinha moved to the United States in 2004 and started training with Rodrigo Medeiros, a Carlson Gracie Black Belt, where he also met Clark Gracie. Since then they have trained together on a daily basis and competed all around the world together.

Rafael is very passionate about teaching his students in order to make them champions, he is a true believer that jiu jitsu is the best fighting system in the world. His intentions are to pass the knowledge and respect of jiu jitsu on to all and to pass on the confidence to be calm in a difficult situation.

Some of Rafael’s competitions results:
IBJJF World’s Master Jiu Jitsu 3rd Place
SJJIF World’s Championship 2nd Place
IBJJF Houston Open 1st Place
2 x Hawaiian Triple Crown Superfight Champion
3 x IBJJF Pan Ams Jiu Jitsu Medalist
4 x IBJJF American National Champion
Brazilian South American Champion