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Testimonial from The Gomez Firm


“I am a really busy lawyer, in my 50s, with three kids too.   If you watch much TV, you may have seen my “Get Gomez” ads.   Today, however, my messages are “Get Jiu Jitsu” and when you do, “Get Clark.”   I have been training with Clark and the Gracie Allegiance family and team for a number of years.  I began as an older student, busy with my kids and profession, and didn’t really know what to expect.
Since then, I have competed with the team, made incredible friends, and greatly increased my physical and mental well-being.    My three kids have trained with Clark and the team as well.   To me Jiu Jitsu can look and seem scary at first.   I remember my first class still.   At the end of some introductory lessons, they had me try to “pass the guard” of another student.   I failed miserably and found myself exhausted almost immediately.   I was sure glad that guy was just laying on his back with his feet on my hips.
But I came back; again and again.   And over time became healthier, more fit, and more confident.   What I like most about this academy are the people. They are universally nice, friendly, respectful and welcoming.   That begins at the top with Clark.   I do not think I have ever met such a nice, positive and supportive person.   He not only is my professor and coach, but a dear friend.   He attracts that type of student and instructor.   His academy is home to not only some of the most skilled practitioners and competitors around, but the nicest, most decent human beings too.
Jiu Jitsu and Clark have gotten me through some really tough times.   I have dealt with some heavy challenges, adversity and stress while training here.   Being on the mat with Clark and his team helps me focus on the here, the now and the positive joys of life.   And when I walk into a courtroom or any professional situation today, I do so with the confidence and presence that Clark and Jiu Jitsu have so generously gifted me.
And so, if you are reading this, do what I did.   Get Clark.   Whether you think you are too old, too weak, too scared or too busy, you will never find another activity or community that will help you realize that you are perfect, deserving and strong just the way you are.”
John Gomez, Attorney, Dad and Proud Member of the Gracie Allegiance Family