Professor Alan Joseph Ortanez

Instructor / Gracie Allegiance Affiliate Manager

Clark Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy <h1>Professor Alan Joseph Ortanez</h1><br><h3>Instructor / Gracie Allegiance Affiliate Manager</h3>
Wrestled in high school(4yrs), studied Aikido(4Yrs), Goshin Jitsu(4yrs), Muay Thai(5yrs) and Brazilian JiuJitsu(17yrs). I was initiated as a Reiki Level III Master in 1996 and have always believed in… before knowing how to defeat your opponent by force, you must first learn how to heal them as well. Since the mid 90’s I have studied derivatives of Ashtanga, Bikram and Kundalini yoga.
I am a firm believer in holistic living and happiness is my priority. My approach to teaching is to know that each student is on a unique personal journey of Brazilian JiuJitsu. I look for strengths in one’s character and reinforce them through positive discipline and technical perfection. My goal in teaching BJJ is to harness one’s passion to become a better JiuJitsu practitioner and in return creating a better quality of life for themselves. A student of Brazilian JiuJitsu since 2006 and teaching under Professor Clark Gracie for the last 14yrs. I became Prof.Clark Gracie’s 5th black belt in 2017.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu builds confidence, self respect, and the courage to defend oneself. One of the most important virtues I learned from the Gracie Family is that we practice JiuJitsu in order to prolong our lives… so that we may live a wholesome happy healthy life with our Loved ones. “We are all trying to become better human beings… we must care enough to help each other unconditionally through JiuJitsu”.
– Alan Joseph Ortanez
Competition Results
– 2nd Place IBJJF Las Vegas Spring International Open – Absolut
– 2nd Place IBJJF Las Vegas Spring International Open
– 1st Place IBJJF NoGi World Championships – World Champion
– 2nd Place IBJJF Nationals
– 3rd Place iGrap Championships